Awign raised 5 Crore from Unitus Seed Fund


Awign Funding From Unitus Seed Fund

On Thursday Unitus Seed Fund said it led a Rs 5 crore investment in Awign.
Awign’s platform allows companies to outsource business functions to the remote workforce, including students.

About Awign

Awign, started in 2016, a venture by a squad of IITians, aims to not only take away the headache of business expansion and operations for companies but also opens doors of internship opportunities for college folks to help them get real-time work experience. Everything involving the skill set of people engagement falls under their realm of work.

They take end to end responsibility of executing manpower intensive operations and sales for companies in multiple industries and leverage the community of college students in getting the work done. Starting from recruitment and onboarding of the workforce to training and daily task management, everything is driven by their product.

Latest Updates – Awign Funding

“We are excited to be working with Awign to support their growth. Majority of business operations in India continue to be offline-driven, requiring high-intensity human intervention at all stages. Awign’s strong technology-enabled platform and a growing network of well-trained college temp workforce have successfully streamlined these operations, minimized turnaround time and completely eliminated setup and operation costs in multiple locations,” said Will Poole, co-founder and managing partner at Unitus, an impact venture fund.

Before this funding round

Awign had bagged attractive funding by 4 angel investors and the alma mater, IIT Ropar. It is already operating in more than 130 cities, not forgetting some of the tier 3 cities too.

They started their journey in Feb’ 16 by executing things at a small scale and are now handling expansion and operations of giants in the digital payments industry, hotel industry, food industry and also the due-diligence industry.

Gurpreet Singh, co-founder and Head of sales at Awign explains
“Every business which wants to run operations in distributed locations grapples with the problem of hiring the feet on the street, then managing them every day and then the never-ending attrition.

The rest are plagued by the manpower agencies which just end up increasing the headache. We are changing the entire face of how work gets executed on the field on a large scale.”

The manpower measure for running every project is taken care by students giving in their time and efforts on a part-time basis. Awign offers a perfect kick-start to their career. Students devote 15-20 hours in a week and work for short durations of 3-4 weeks and execute the real-life projects while getting exposure to roles and responsibilities that will be part of their future careers.

There are about 20 thousand students registered with Awign. These students get to work at preferred locations as per their schedule and receive attractive stipend and rewards in return, not to forget a certificate that validates their experience. They get trained online through Awign’s product that demands not more than few hours of their time.

Annanya Sarthak, a co-founder, whose PG room became Awign’s first office, believes:
“Effective communication and articulation form the core of management and amazingly this is something which majority of those who want a career in management lack.

A lot of students want to learn management or do an MBA, but don’t know what actually management boils down to. We are changing that.”

What makes them different?

The current industry is driven by a different billing model that works on a number of resources allotted to the project, dodging focus from the output and clients end up paying for the manpower even when the quality is compromised.

This is where Awign stands apart from others in terms of their billing model, which runs based on the deliverables and not manpower. So, the companies owe as per the project requirements and scopes rather than the number of resources required for the implementation.

Co-founder & CTO at Awign, Praveen Sah who has previously worked with Flipkart and Ola adds:
“When we talk about managing operations at extremely heavy scale, daily human interaction is the most crucial aspect of it. Purpose of our product is to minimalize that and have an infrastructure where recruitment, adaptive training, real-time management of on-field progress and quality control becomes a cakewalk”

Moving out of the traditional methodology of instating huge amount of managers to manage the feet on the street, Awign uses their product to manage thousands of students PAN India with very less in-house human resource.

Awign - How it Works

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Awign’s Mission

Sarthak clearly states their mission:
“We are building the ‘future of work’ and are redefining the way things get executed on the field, while not only creating a huge amount of jobs but also an infrastructure to learn the core of management. It’s high time that we stop working on old-school methods of ops and sales, and start using technology to execute things on an exponential scale.”


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