Foolio- A perfect game to play when you hangout with friends

Foolio - Fool Your Friends
Foolio - Fool Your Friends

About Foolio

Recently we came across a unique kind of mobile game Foolio, which was asking us to fool our friends. Seemed full of fun and in fact, we played the game among 5 friends for almost 3-4 hours.

We planned to talk to Rohit Goyal, Founder of PaxPlay, a social mobile gaming company which created this awesome addictive game.
Rohit Goyal, an IITB alumnus started PaxPlay in 2013. With its previous 3 releases making it to top charts in various countries, PaxPlay has reached to more than 2 millions users overall. With super amazing response from users and amazing network effect growth from Foolio, it hopes to cross all previous breakthroughs this year.

How Foolio Started?

Rohit says: “Familiar with the situation when you are with a group of friends and everyone is just lost in their phones scrolling Facebook/9Gag/Twitter feeds? No one is actually having any conversations with each other as we are supposed to do while hanging out with friends.

What if that phone itself helped to make this hangout fun? What if that phone made you converse with each other? The idea of Foolio popped out with that thought.

Have you ever played Mafia/Werewolf when you were hanging out with a group of friends? Till now I guess that is one of the best game I have played when I was with a group of friends. I have no idea how a couple of hours had passed while the city tried to figure out who was the Mafia among all the players. Foolio is a well-crafted mixture of answer judging party games and Mafia.”

What’s the GamePlay?

Foolio is a multiplayer game where you fool other players by framing fake but convincing answers to a real question. And the best part of the gameplay is conversation just like Mafia. One of the player acts like the admin(just like God in Mafia) who can control few things like selecting the topic they want to play, kicking a player if needed, moving the game to the next round etc.

The game goes like this.

  1. The admin selects the set/topic they want to play and starts the round once everyone is ready for a round.
  2. A question comes to everyone’s screen relating to the selected set/topic. For an example “In Cheyenne Wyoming, on Wednesdays, it is illegal to….
  3. Everyone submit a convincing fake answer for example “drink wine”
  4. Once everyone had submitted their answer the game reveals n+1 answers (n being the number of players) and everyone has to guess the correct answer.
  5. Suppose below were the submitted answers to the question “In Cheyenne Wyoming, on Wednesdays, it is illegal to….

    • Drink wine
    • Wear blue hat
    • Take a shower
    • Kill a duck
    • Give hi-fives
  6. Now the real game starts when everyone tries to put arguments like which should be the correct answer, person x might have framed this particular answer etc. Just like mafia you have to mislead people to secretly project your answer as the best choice.
  7. Once everyone has selected the answer they think is the real answer among the fake answers, the game tells you who fooled you, whom and how many people you have fooled and points are calculated using the same results.
Foolio - Fool your friends
Foolio – Fool your friends

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Though the game is much more fun while sitting together, Foolio has few amazing features which make it fun even while playing remotely. Few of those features are

  1. Public games: You can play with strangers as well if you don’t have no one/enough players to play.
  2. Chat: There is a pretty smooth chat feature which works like WhatsApp group chat to focus on the conversation core of the game.
  3. Friend list: The game maintains a friend list which includes your Facebook friends who play Foolio and you can send/accept the friend request to people who are not your Facebook friends.
  4. Invite people: It’s pretty easy to invite people to your game by selecting them from your friend list. The app sends a notification to everyone you select which on tapping brings everyone to the same game. You can post the same deep-link on WhatsApp group etc as well.
  5. Admin: Admin has few extra things she can do. Admin can turn a private game into public(when there are not enough people in private game) and a public game into private (when there are enough people and players don’t want anyone new to join the game). Admin can also transfer the adminship to others.

Monetisation Model:

The game has 2 pretty simple kinds of monetization models.
1. In-app purchase: The game has more than 12 sets/topics to play out of which 4 are free and rest can be bought for $0.99.
2. Rewarded Video Ads: If the user doesn’t to buy the whole chapter she can choose to watch a video ad to play few rounds of a paid set/topic for free.

Future Plans:

Currently, our major focus is to make it a fun conversational app between friends even when everyone is playing from a distant location. We are exploring push to talk technology to achieve the same. In future, the product might take the shape of a group conversation app with a couple of fun group gaming concept built in like Foolio. The short-term plan also includes releasing 20 sets by the end of this year to target a wide range of audience.

iOS App:
Android App:

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