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Zywee Team
Zywee Team

Introduction – Zywee

The Indian Healthcare Industry has observed dynamic advancement in the last decade in the wake of technical progress, privatization, rising FDI, and enhanced delivery models. However, the sector in India is still facing a few roadblocks. One of them is the out-of-pocket expenditure on healthcare, which means the medical expenses not reimbursed by insurance for an individual.

According to the recent data from the World Health Organization, the out-of-pocket expenditure amounts to 89.2% of the total private expenditure on health in India. Comparing the same statistics with that of the United States of America (21.4%), one realizes how expensive healthcare is in our country.

This problem is more of an opportunity in disguise for those who want to make a difference in this sector. This is where Zywee stepped into the picture. Zywee is India’s first online marketplace for healthcare services started with a vision to make affordable healthcare services accessible to common people via digital technology.

Zywee- How it happened?

The idea was born way back in 2011 when I, Asif Mohammed, was searching for the best medical care for my father, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Most of my time went by in his pursuit of reliable and economical options. With a huge number of hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinics and more, I found the process to be quite overwhelming. I realized that there is a serious dearth of trusted sources of information for anyone going through a similar situation.

Initially, I started off with Buzz Hospitals in 2014 which was an aggregation platform that enabled people to make an informed decision while looking for hospitals. This later evolved into Zywee which now covers a whole range of healthcare services on a single platform.

The key focus of Zywee is to equip people with the information they need regarding local healthcare providers to narrow down their options to the most reliable and affordable ones. Take for example, if someone is searching for a PET scan facility, using Zywee this person can save as high as INR 10,000 to 13,000 by finding various alternative options. The company has negotiated deals with the most trusted health centers that also make room for cost-saving.

How Zywee Works?

With 545 health centers, 4165 health packages & tests, and 5224 doctors under its umbrella, the platform brings together all the information from super specialty hospitals, diagnostic centers and clinics at one place. One is able to compare service levels and costs, read reviews and ratings, and even book appointments.

Gunanidhi Hegde, who has designed the user experience of Zywee, says that for medical consumers who cannot afford expensive healthcare, the platform also allows them to look for suitable hospitals of their choice.

Today, it has evolved further and one can now book an ambulance service fully equipped with facilities such as wheelchair, ventilator, oxygen and everything else that is the need of the hour. Booking home services is another area that Zywee covers which looks at home visits by doctors or by qualified nurses and caretakers at reasonable prices.

For smartphone users, the Zywee mobile app takes care of all the above services and features in a single healthcare aggregation platform for your phone. Not just that, if you want to order medicines from your nearest pharmacy or drugstore, the company has another mobile application for it called the Zywee Pharma App.

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Zywee – Scale andRevenue

A completely bootstrapped venture, Zywee has been operational since 2014 and currently doing about 20 lacs worth of monthly revenues and serving about 1500 patients per month. Currently, we are focussing on metropolitan cities with major operations in Bangalore. A few services such as healthcare packages and high-end radiology services are being provided in Mumbai, New Delhi and Hyderabad, apart from Bangalore.


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