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About MillionGenie

According to a major blood bank research, every country is short by 3 million units of blood every year and with no proper platform to organize things people’s lives are at risk. India faces a shortage of 35 tankers of blood to help dying patients every minute, where our population is in billions. Also in last the five years, 6 lakh litre of blood is wasted in India and never reached a patient.

This clearly shows that we fail to save lives of people in spite of having so many facilities. What is causing this huge gap is not the unavailability of donors but the lack of a connecting platform.

MillionGenie is trying to fill in this gap by providing a unified platform where people, hospitals, blood banks and donors can help each other better.

Ram Solanki, Founder of MillionGenie says: “We feel in our world Emergency services, safety & security are dependent on external elements and many times these services fall short of providing service to everyone.

If we talk about Blood Emergency, despite having blood banks and other facilities, there are patients who do not receive their blood group in time. MillionGenie wants to provide a platform which connects Hospitals, Blood Banks, Donors and People. We want to see the world where people take care of each other when they need the most.”

Million Genie App
Million Genie Team

Product Features

The team has planned an in-depth roadmap of 20 products and in the pipeline to launch in 2017/2018.

Currently available features:

  1. Blood Emergency – Platform to connect Hospital, Blood Banks, Donors, and People.
  2. Tracking & Event – Platform to auto-track Friends and Family with safe zone plugins, Organize a larger gathering of people with tracking.
Million Genie App
Million Genie App

Monetization Model:

  1. Emergency Handling Fee
  2. Subscription Fee

Future Plans:

Ram says: “Our ambitions are very high and to paint a reality, we have a very well defined 2-year plan. As we speak, we have been in discussion with multiple entities for expansion of our products, customers.”

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Motivational Stories by the Team:

“We all know it’s never easy to follow your dreams but the people we met kept us motivated. We started our journey to serve humanity and give our contribution to society by narrowing the gap between the needy and the people who can help.

Our belief in humanity was cemented when we received one request of A -ve blood group raised by Arpita from Borivali, Mumbai. A -ve being a rare blood group, we thought it would be difficult for us to serve that request. On the contrary, we saw an overwhelming response from everyone. Deepal Soneji who is a resident of Churney road traveled nearly 40 kms during office hours to help.

In a city like Mumbai, where everyone is so busy, Deepal went out of his way and set an example to be followed by the rest of us. Many times we have received calls from donors asking about the health and well-being of the person for whom they donated blood. These events brought forth a feeling in us that no matter our differences, in times of need everyone will lend a helping hand to someone.”

iOS App:
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